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Viral Kingdom

My Story

The NFT Course was created by myself, a YouTuber named “Sauce” better known for my channel Viral Kingdom. The Viral Kingdom contains free NFT/Crypto tutorials which helps entrepreneurs and NFT enthusiasts excel in the space. Over this time, I’ve accumulated 75,000+ subscribers and over 9,000,000+ Views across one of the hardest platforms to grow on.

I’ve been making NFT content since the beginning of 2020 and have accumulated a ton of knowledge over this time. Additionally, I’ve been a marketing specialist for over 5+ years helping build YouTube, Twitter & Instagram pages to millions of impressions. My expertise in marketing gave me an edge in the NFT community and is the sole reason I helped advise many successful projects behind the scenes. Since joining the NFT space I’ve made over $75,000 by helping build projects and marketing them to the masses. I could easily help advise more but I’m focused on creating content for my YouTube Channel while also attending College. That’s why I’m excited to pass on my knowledge so I can teach the future of NFT entrepreneurs.

The Lessons

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Brand Creation

How to Brainstorm Your Idea 1.1

  • The biggest mistake NFT creators make in the first stages of the project.
  • Showcasing the best way to find a name for your project.
  • Understanding brand originality and its importance.
  • How to check your own brand originality.

The Basics 1.2

  • Which Crypto Blockchain you should use.
  • What NFT marketplace you should use.
  • What should the mint price of your project be.
  • What day your public & presale should be on.

Creating The Team 1.3

  • Explaining the 5 most important sectors of building a team for your NFT Project.
  • How to find employees for your NFT Project.
  • The three methods of paying team members.
  • The best way you find a team without paying initial costs.
  • How to manage team members.
  • Team builder excel sheet.

Creating an SCA 1.4

  • Understanding what an SCA is.
  • Examples of popular SCA’s that have worked in the past for NFT projects.
  • How to create your own brand SCA. 

Doxing Your Team 1.5

  • Why doxing your team is so important.
  • Examples of other projects correctly doxing themselves.
  • How to dox your team.

Developing Your Whitelist 1.6

  • What is the whitelist meta.
  • Why do people use whitelists.
  • How to avoid gas wars with your project.
  • The best ways to give away whitelist spots.
  • XP grinding whitelist method.
  • Invite contest whitelist method.
  • How to organize your whitelist.
  • How to use Discord auto typer and the dangers of it.

Understanding Utilities/Benefits 1.7

  • Why you need to be realistic with your promises.
  • What is a utility and why is it important.
  • Explaining what a DAO is.
  • Explaining what staking is.
  • Explaining the burning process of an NFT.
  • Real World Utility and real examples.
  • Play to earn games with examples.
  • Social engineering for better utilities.
  • How to collaborate with companies and popular software.

Showcasing a Real Projects Profit/Revenue 1.8

  • How much they spent on marketing & development.
  • Total Revenue and Profit.
  • How much each team member made.

Auditing Your Smart Contract 1.9

  • What is auditing.
  • Why you should audit.
  • The risks of unaudited projects.
  • The best NFT auditing companies/services.
  • Where you can audit your project.

How to Develop Your Own NFT Website 1.10

  • Pros & Cons of hiring a website developer compare to building your own.
  • Showcasing the best NFT project websites and how you can replicate them.
  • How to create a Word Press website for cheap.
  • Showcasing the best hosting service for websites.
  • The best domains for NFTs.
  • How to purchase a domain + additional benefits.
  • How to download and edit popular themes.
  • Showcasing the best themes for NFT projects.
  • How to get a better SEO score and understanding Google’s algorithm.

How to Create and Deploy a Smart Contract 1.11

  • How to store data on IPFS.
  • How to edit a smart contract for your project.
  • How to create a reveal mint.
  • How to deploy your smart contract.
  • How to verify your smart contract on Etherscan.
  • How to add a whitelist to your contract.
  • How to create and start the whitelist sale, presale and public sale.
  • Developing your minting dapp (Mint Button)
  • Many different smart contract templates.
  • How to compile the minting dapp into a singular page for your website.

Art Creation

How to Create a NFT Logo 1.1

  • Understanding the difference between logo and brand identity.
  • Examples of Successful Logos and why they work.
  • Best platform to create logos on.
  • How I created my personal logo with a .ai file included.

What Art Is Popular/Works 2.2

  • Explaining The 3 Most Popular Art Styles.
  • Showcasing the best NFT art style for profile pics.
  • How to make NFT Background art in photoshop 2.3

How To Make an NFT Background 2.3

  • What the correct size of your nft file should be.
  • Best colors for background art.
  • How to create solid backgrounds in photoshop.
  • How to create gradient backgrounds in photoshop.
  • How to position your art.
  • How to create a profile picture checker in photoshop.

How to Create The Base Shape of an NFT 2.4

  • Showcasing how to use the pen tool.
  • Showcasing the best stroke size and shapes.
  • Showcasing the best base shape art styles.

How to Create The Features & Accessories 2.5

  • Providing facial feature photoshop assets.
  • Two methods on how I design accessories.
  • Showcasing the best facial feature styles.

How to Autogenerate The Art 2.6

  • How to auto generate 10,000+ art for your NFTs. (Paid)
  • How to auto generate 10,000+ art for your NFTs. (Free)
  • How to configure layer settings.
  • How to change the asset rarities.
  • How to export JPEG, PNG, WEBP and JSON files.
  • How to read and understand the NFT metadata.
  • How to block certain assets from covering each other.

Creating High CTR Thumbnails & Headlines 2.7

  • Understanding theming with brand identity.
  • The best colors for thumbnails.
  • The best font for thumbnails.
  • Step by Step guide on creating a thumbnail in photoshop.
  • Finding good thumbnail examples.
  • Full thumbnail asset pack.
  • How to create an eye catching headline.
  • How to properly capitalize a headline.
  • Understanding the good headline preferences.


The Basics 3.1

  • Understanding the importance of marketing.
  • Every social media you can market NFTs on and which ones are the best.
  • The best method of marketing in the NFT space.
  • The #1 rule every successful NFT project follows when marketing.

Influencer Marketing 3.2

  • Why influencer marketing works so well.
  • How to pick the correct influencer.
  • How to find good influencers.
  • Custom Instagram Influencer List.
  • Custom Twitter Influencer List.
  • Custom YouTube Influencer List.
  • How to contact influencers via Email.
  • Why influencers aren’t responding back to you.
  • How to contact influencers via Twitter.
  • The different types of influencer marketing and what ones work.
  • How much you should pay for NFT influencer marketing.

How to Market On Reddit 3.3

  • The most popular NFT subreddits.
  • The best method for Reddit marketing.

How to Setup a Discord Bot 3.4

  • Examples of the Discord bot.
  • Why the Discord SPAM bot isn’t ethical or a good practice.
  • What a Discord bot can do.
  • Free template discord bot.
  • The things you will need for the discord bot.
  • How to set up the Discord bot.
  • How to use the Discord bot.

How to Market on Pinterest 3.5

  • Why pinterest is an underrated social media for marketing NFTs.
  • How to use Pinterest.
  • How to market your NFTs on Pinterest.

How to Create a Discord Community 3.7

  • Discord vs Telegram and why Discord is better.
  • The tip every NFT discord server is making.
  • How to make your NFT Discord server more appealing.
  • Understanding how much information to put in a Discord.
  • The most important channels you should have in your Discord server.
  • The best way to organize your Discord server for users.
  • How to create engagement in your Discord channels.
  • How to market in your Discord Server.
  • How to get more people to join your Discord server.
  • Thoughts on purchasing fake Discord members.

How to Market on Instagram 3.6

  • The best performing posts for a NFT instagram.
  • How to tag your instagram photos.
  • Instagram hashtag list.
  • The secrets to getting on the explore page of Instagram.
  • How to purchase Instagram accounts for cheap and if it’s worth it.
  • How to use Instagram Follow, Un-Follow, Like, Reply & more bot for free.
  • A good instagram chrome extension for NFTs.
  • How to get real Instagram likes for free.

The Best Discord Server Bots 3.8

  • Underrated and Unknown Discord bots for free that every Discord server needs.

How to Market on Twitter 3.9

  • Why Twitter is so powerful.
  • The perfect way to start your Twitter account.
  • How to collaborate with other Influencers/Projects for free.
  • Best method to organically grow your Twitter following.
  • My favorite social media bot for Twitter.
  • Pros and Cons of Twitter AD marketing.
  • How to post successful tweets on your account.

How to Market on TikTok 3.10

  • Why TikTok is untapped for NFT marketing.
  • Methods of organic promotion for TikTok.
  • Different types of content you can make with examples.
  • How to make your TikTok videos go viral.
  • How to deal with hate/negativity on TikTok.

How Get Verified on Twitter 3.11

  • The benefits to Twitter Verification.
  • How to write a press release.
  • Press Release template.
  • How to publish your press release on 400+ news outlets. (Marketwatch, Benzinga, Fox & More)
  • How to get your account verified.
  • Personal Twitter verification contact.

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