Build Your Dream NFT Project

This NFT Project Building Course will provide you the tools and knowledge
to develop a successful NFT Project.

Exclusive Tools

Rare tools that can help market and deploy NFT projects for no cost.

Premium Tutorials

Personalized, noob-friendly tutorials with extra information that’ll NEVER be shared on YouTube.

Insider Secrets

All of the juicy insider marketing tactics in which all of the big NFT projects use.

What Will This Course Teach You?

This entire course was developed by the NFT YouTuber, Sauce from the Viral Kingdom. Sauce is an expert in the space and has worked on many successful NFT Projects generating 6 figure profits. Our course is packed with hours of exclusive knowledge you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

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#1. Create Your NFT Brand

  • How to create a successful IP.
  • How to brand yourself correctly.
  • How to create your NFT art.

#2. Develop Your Project

  • How to auto generate your art for free.
  • How to create a smart contract.
  • How to create utility combined with your project.
  • How to develop a website with minting functionality.

#3. Market Your Project

  • How to market your project on social media platforms including… Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, Discord, Reddit & More.
  • How to use free marketing tools exclusive to course takers.
  • How to utilize tactics like influencer marketing for the cheapest costs.

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Additional Benefits

  • Access to the King Club on Discord
  • King Club Exclusive Giveaways
  • Response to your NFT project questions
  • Free promotion in the outro of my YouTube videos

How To Purchase The Course

Pre-Tester Testimonials

 “This course was very informative and helped me build my own NFT project. Thank you for teaching me with very clear english so I understood everything”

Sadeepa Singh

“This is by far the best and cheapest NFT course out there. There is so much valuable marketing information that I can use even outside the world of NFTs. Definitely worth every penny.”

Rahul Joy

“Getting started with the world of NFTs was very confusing at first but after watching the entirety of this course I got a way better grasp of how everything works.”

Fayssal Saadan

“Sauce is an excellent teacher with very informative lessons.”

Jessica Schiller

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